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How we are making our way from Point A 2 Point B

Point B Mission Statement

Point B Home Solutions, LLC provides home maintenance and market preparation services to local property owners. Point B's sales team and partner organizations will bring you quality home services.  


Point B Home Solutions takes pride in its pursuit to become a working component of the community. Point A: Foundations contain the building blocks of Point B Home Solutions. It is built on the basis of networking with a plethora of community programs and local support backed by its own entities to bring you home services. Point B clientele can count on the unexpected, fun, quirky, personable, and motivation-driven staff who will assist you in enhancing, maintaining, and obtaining maximum value for your home.

Vision Statement

Point B Home Solutions LLC wishes to bring a diverse selection of home service options to the real estate paradigm. At the heart of its inception we hope to create jobs, decrease homelessness, reduce the amount of pollution poisoning our earth, and assist in enhancing overall quality of life. We will grow, learn, enhance, create, all while using the greenest resources available to us while bringing you home solutions you can depend on.


In so doing we believe the cohesion of Point B’s three main components  gradually integrated over a 5 year span will create a longer trust based working relationship with our clientele, local community organizations, and local businesses, as well as other real estate organizations and their agents. The participation of community P2P sales markets hosted by Point B Home Solutions strives to maintain eco-friendly markets and Point B’s principals: Reuse, Recycle, Refurbish.

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The Original Symbol

Point B 2019

Founded By Nickolas Bledsoe in Indianapolis, Indiana January 2019. Foundations of the companies 5 Year plan began. This was known as Point A: Foundations!


Early draft 2020

PNG image (4).png

2020 And Current Logo

PBHS Mission Statement
Vision Statement
Point B Employee


Being a part of Point B Home Solutions is a one of a kind opportunity. If you value opportunity, want to make a change, or just simply want to work for a great company here is your chance! Apply Below!

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