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Phase 2 Part 1: Point B Window Cleaning

2021 has taken off to a great start and PBHS has begun the Phase 2 of our 5 year initial building process. In Phase 2 we are taking a look at each primary home service in-depth and looking for opportunities to maximize performance, increase customer satisfaction, and explore new eco-friendly processes to integrate into each solution. Window cleaning is first up for review, and we are excited to make a few announcements!

First, PBHS has joined the I.W.C.A. (International Window Cleaning Association.) This is one of two major associations PBHS in Phase 1 development insisted on being members of. Being apart of this association has already proven true to its word by solidifying employee education to provide outstanding customer satisfaction.

In addition to its many other benefits, I.W.C.A. has created a market place for PBHS to be able to refine our communication processes. As of April 1st we have integrated with Jobber as our CRM. This platform has created an area for PBHS clientele to now easily access and manage their account online. In doing so, they will be able to request service, adjust service calls as needed, pay any invoices, see past services, adjust services, and communicate with PBHS staff more effectively. We hope to be able to use jobber with all of our service solutions by the end of 2021.

Coming in spring-summer 2021 PBHS is integrating a water fed pole cleaning pure water system to the window cleaning service options.

The purification process that window cleaners use removes all mineral and particle pollutants from the water enabling it to evaporate without leaving any trace deposits behind. No squeegees or other drying techniques are needed for this spot free result.

Pure water is an extremely reliable organic solvent. Grade school may have taught you to think of water as the “universal solvent” it is genuinely the case. On a molecular level, water is fantastic at absorbing dirt. As it struggles to return to a natural impure state, water will absorb dirt. For a spot free window, rinse the dirty water away with pure water.

Pure water without detergent is a very effective cleaning agent. It will remove almost all organic, liquid (water-based) and other ionic contaminants and other things such as dirt, grit and some kinds of grease.

Water used in this kind of cleaning operation is normally infiltrated reverse osmosis (RO), mixed-bed deionization (DI) or a combination of the 2 procedures. Pure water will greatly improve your cleansing result. This pure water does not include any ions, so it is an extremely efficient rinse agent, leaving spot free results after evaporation. This pure water provides an outstanding choice for the activation, suspension and ultimate release of soils from surfaces and leaves very little chance of re-introducing soils on surfaces.

These are just a few of the upgrades you can expect from Point B Home Solutions. Part of the magic that we want to bring to you literally forever is that our company consistently is evolving to better support its clientele on every. Sneak peek at what's coming next.....

What is a great service for every aspiring new home owner that is very telling of the homes overall condition that PBHS will be offering come July 1st? Ask Nick Bledsoe he's a realtor!!

Stick around and find out!!!

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